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    Basic Information

    Post by Mb20 on Fri Jun 12, 2015 9:03 am

    .:}O$G{:. Alien Mod Intro
    Alien Mod is an all new game type for CS:CZ made by .:}O$G{:.,
    It has 3 different game modes and we will explain all its features here, but first:

    Game Modes

    Alien Escape::

    Alien escape was our first gametype we had, made by Sky-High and Leopard.
    The gameplay is as follows:


    CT's must escort the vip safely to the escape zone.

    Vip should stay with his teammates so that they can protect him.

    Escaped Vip's get a variable cash reward between 5-6K$.


    Real player aliens main goal is to prevent the vip from escaping by killing him.

    they can either do that in high profile or low profile.

    Low Profile: act like a alien bot and use them as comouflage to
    strike you're target in the back.

    High Profile: Go full-frontal with the humans, jumping and moving alot in the air
    so that they cant hit you, wasting their ammo.

    - Stabbing a human in the back is almost everytime an insta kill.
    - Humans should protect the vip at all times.
    - Joining the Alien team is only allowed in Alien Escape!
    Alien Invasion:

    Alien Invasion::

    Alien invasion is our latest game mode, made by Sky-High.
    The gameplay is as follows:

    There are 10 waves of alien killing you must survive, the number of aliens will increase each wave.

    You can see all information on the upper left of you're screen:
    - Current wave number
    - progress of the wave and how many aliens you still must kill
    - you're killstreak status.

    During alien invasion you can purchase many extra items in the shop.

    Once you have completed Wave 10 in time you will be teleported to the alien boss for the ultimate battle for survival.

    Alien Boss::

    When you completed wave 10 in time you will be teleported to the Alien Boss,
    when you have spawned you have 15 seconds to take 1 extra item and 2 weapons of choice.
    After 15 seconds the boss will arrive and the fight will begin, the health of the Boss is based on this calculation:
    75K basehealth + (Total Nr. of players *6K)

    I wish you the best of luck for when you finally meet this commander, you will need it and the
    sake of the human kind lies in your hands!



    In alien mod you can not get your weapons like you would usually get.
    In order to get better weapons you must first kill and level up, there are 10 levels.
    The higher you're level the more weapons you will receive and hold.

    These are the guns you receive per level:
    |Level| |Weapon|

    1 Dual Elites
    2 TMP
    3 MP5
    4 M4A1 Carbine
    5 M3 Shotgun
    6-8 SG552
    9-10 M249 Machine-Gun


    You can also upgrade your players skills with RPGx.
    Type rpgmenu in chat to open the menu, from there you can choose permanent upgrades.
    You purchase permanent upgrades with credits, you recieve credits for leveling up (5credits per level).
    Last level you can reach is at 150K exp, nobody has reached this yet (over level 700).
    When you are new to the server you start with 25 credits you can disperse to begin with.

    In the upper center of your screen you can see you're RPGx progress, it shows your:
    - Current Level, Exp progress
    - Available credits you can use
    - Kills, Deaths and Kill/Death ratio of the current match.

    - Type rpgmenu in chat to open the menu
    Money system and Shop:

    The Money Bank::

    Alien mod works with a money-banking system,
    so if you are new to this server and don't already have a bank account,
    then simply type in chat 'bank_create' to make one.
    Now that you have a bank account you can deposit and withdraw money.

    Type in chat maxdep to deposit all your money
    and maxwit to withdraw the maximum amount of money ($16,000).

    - Money does NOT get automatically stored in the bank you must still do it yourself before the game mode finishes.
    - Type in chat bank_menu for more info

    The Shop:

    With the money you have earned you can purchase many things in the shop.
    You can access the shop by typing in chat (/)shop or (/)invasionmenu.
    Make sure to check it out, you can even purchase respawns for when you are dead.

    - The shop is only accessible during Alien Invasion.


    Killstreaks are rewards you get for killing alot of aliens without dying.
    If you have recieved a killstreak then simply press the 'V' button to open the menu.
    To activate the killstreak press the corresponding number.

    - You can not recieve a killstreak you already have (1 max at a time).
    - Killstreaks are only accesible during alien invasion.

    Here is a list of all the killstreaks:
    Big Nade Pack
    Awarded at 10 consecutive Kills.
    Consists of 2 HE-nades, 2 Frost's and 2 Napalms
    Awarded at 25 consecutive Kills.
    When activating this Killstreak, aim at the desired area
    then select the killstreak from the menu
    Small Nuke AKA Snuke
    Awarded at 50 consecutive Kills.
    The ultimate Small HE-Device in the game, gives a devastating but
    controlled blast enviroment, DEADLY TO TEAMMATES.
    When activating this Killstreak from the menu, the snuke will drop where you stand.
    2 Mins Double XP
    Awarded at 75 consecutive Kills.
    When activating this Killstreak, All XP received from damaging
    and killing aliens will be doubled for 2 consecutive mins.


    In Both Alien Escape and Invasion everybody is a medic and can heal their teammates.
    Simply stand next to a teammate that needs healing and while looking at him hold the +USE button.
    You can also request another player to heal you just by looking at him and pressing on the +USE button once,
    that player will then be notified through chat that you need healing.

    - You can NOT heal enemies.


    In Both Alien Escape and Invasion you can shove an enemy once every 30 seconds.
    This can be a lifesaver or a lifebreaker if used at the right time and distance.
    Very handy for Alien players during Alien Escape.

    - You can NOT shove teammates.

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