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    Admin Rules


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    Admin Rules

    Post by Mb20 on Fri Jun 12, 2015 9:21 am

    Basic List of Admin Rules:

    1. Always warn players at least 2 times first before performing commands on them, ie: kick/quit/slap/slay/etc..
    2. When spotted admin abuse or a player hacking, report him with the necessary evidence. Even if you know the guy. Abusers and hackers are not welcome here!
    3. Never test admin commands on other players but yourself.
    4. Never lose your temper when a player is getting on you're nerves, if you feel he is acting like a "jerk" then follow rule 1 before handing out punishments.
    5. Communication is done in English only.
    6. Always follow these rules!
    7. When you see a player ignoring the rules then use the following command that every admin will have on: "amx_showrules <playername>". Do this at least 2 times before starting to perform punishments. After the 2 times you forced the rules on his screen, then you may use a command that you feel is deserved.

    For now this is all but these rules will most likely be constantly updated so keep in mind to view them once and a while.

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